Casamento Srl is a building and real estate company based in the province of Messina and operates in the areas of Gioiosa Marea and San Giorgio. Dedication, passion and professional competency have contributed towards making Casamento a well known company within its operative area. Casamento’s successful background is based on customer focused strategies and quality management systems applied to all sorts of services, starting from the solid, harmonious and pleasant architectural design, to the scrupulous attention paid to their customers after-sales needs. Moreover, being renowned for being meticulous, reliable and sound, Casamento has always met with its clients’ approvals by showing commitment to their requests and expectations.

More than 60 years of history

In the late 1950s, Mr. Casamento Senior set up a real estate business in the Gioiosa Marea area. Later in 1983, his two young sons decided to follow in their father’s footsteps and founded Casamento Srl. Since then, Casamento Srl has gained their clients’ confidence by adopting, interesting and innovative construction criteria and thus contributing to the consolidation of Gioiosa Marea and the Gulf of Patti as tourist attractions.

Historic photo archive

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