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All our projects are carried out in accordance with the quality and security standards prescribed by the Italian law, paying special attention to details while constructing.


Casamento Srl provides guarantees regarding planning permissions and legal permits authorized by the public authorities as well as on property rights. Guarantees are also supplied on all electric, heating, plumbing and isolation systems. All installations are entrusted to professionals operating in compliance with the Italian Legislative Decrees 46/90 and 10/91 and following integrations and updates, as also with the UNI and CEI regulations. Casamento is responsible for the conformity of the certificates issued by the installers, which need to be registered at the local authority office in order to obtain a certificate declaring the building habitable.


Casamento’s staff assists its clients regarding any installation, supply of contract, table of ownership thousandths, and upon request, provides professional advice on interior decoration schemes. As a rule, our company issues a property booklet including the notarial deed, information regarding the cadastral value (presumptive income of land etc. determined by the public office for purpose of taxation), and all the instructions for correct ordinary maintenance of the building and relative installations.

Quality Standards

Guarantees are supplied on quality trademarks certifying the high quality standards of all the materials and fittings utilized, including bathroom sanitary fixtures, taps and fittings, boilers, radiators, doors, windows, shutters, ceramic tile floors, wall coverings, and many other features.

Work Method

All our projects are carefully planned and carried out paying particular attention to every single step of construction, starting from the identification of the possible building site and the selection of the materials used, up to the final quality control of the building. Casamento involves clients in all stages of construction, from the start-up until the end of the building process, providing them with after-sales advice.

• Market analysis
• Technical and finance analysis (project feasibility study)
• Topographic and geologic compatibility survey
• Final acquisition of the selected estate

• Designing of the entire facility, including providing all necessary approvals
• Official publication of the project
• Structural evaluation and selection of the most appropriate building methods
• Photometric survey of all the installations, functionalities and maintenance procedures
• Designing and supervising of all electric, sanitary and conditioning installations
• Designing of interior decorations
• Utility connections
• Business relationships with professionals operating in compliance with ISO 9001 regulations, as to installations and product supplies
• Advice on CAR insurance policies
• Punctual verification of constructing procedures and finishing details
• Quality control
• Architectural and artistic advice • Inspection, testing and certification of the structures and installations DELIVERY • Drafting of the condominium regulations and tables of ownership thousandths • Mortgage agreement and bank selection
• Completion of the cadastral documents
• Advice provided to the apartment house manager on insurance policies procedures
• Issue of the property booklet including a description of the construction methods, suggestions regarding the correct maintenance of the building and relative installations and a list of the main suppliers with contact details.